Seely wins historic mayoral race in Spotswood

Staff Writer

SPOTSWOOD- Current Councilman Edward Seely defeated current Mayor Nicholas Poliseno and active resident Jacqueline Palmer to secure the position of mayor of Spotswood.

During the nonpartisan mayoral election on Nov. 8, Seely registered 45 percent of the votes, Palmer won 32 percent of the votes and Poliseno received 23 percent of the votes,  according to the Middlesex County election results.

“It was exciting to be part of an election that will be a part of Spotswood’s history. [It was the] first three-way race, the first female candidate for mayor and the first debate. I am exceptionally proud at how free our race was of cheap shots and how we all stuck to the issues of the borough and its residents,” Seely said.

“I, with the help of the borough employees, would like to restore the trust in local government that is missing. While going door to door during the campaign, I was disappointed to learn so many of our residents are either intimidated or believe it is pointless to approach our administration or its representatives. This has to change. We want everyone to know that their concerns are ours and will get the attention needed,” Seely said.

Seely said he will make himself available three evenings a week in addition to his normal duties in order to accommodate residents.

“Many people cannot get off from work during the day and I hope this helps them in some way. Accessibility along with accountability are top priorities of mine,” Seely said. “While I did win the election, I need to not only assure those who believe me to be the right choice, I also need to prove it to the others.”

Palmer said he was “proud” to be part of the historic election this year.

“I have no regrets and look forward to continuing to be an advocate for our residents. My sincerest congratulations and respect to Councilman Seely for a well-fought win. Best of luck,” she said.

“I hope with the newly elected leader, our borough can move forward to resolve the many issues raised throughout our campaigns to make Spotswood better. I am willing to assist the mayor-elect and council in anyway I can to continue to bring awareness and resolution to these long standing issues,” Palmer continued. “My hope for our residents is that we will all continue to follow the local issues to resolution and pay attention to what goes on in our local government. Have a voice, and demand the integrity, respect and accountability we deserve from our elected officials.”

Poliseno could not be reached by press time.

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