Cooking oil recycling program ‘has potential’ to reduce sanitation costs

Eric Sucar

Staff Writer

EAST BRUNSWICK–Local officials aim to make recycling residential cooking oil easier and more convenient.

The East Brunswick Township Council approved Middlesex County’s Pilot Cooking Oil Program, which aims to provide more dropoff locations for residents to recycle their cooking oil.

“The program has the potential to reduce the exposure to blockages in the sanitary sewer system, reduce our solid waste tonnage and reduce landfill space,” Director of Public Works Daniel Losik said. “Currently there is no current way for a resident to recycle cooking oil aside from seeking out a vendor on their own.”

Many restaurants already recycle their cooking oil, which is often turned into biodiesel fuel.

“[Cooking oil] can be recycled into biodiesel fuel; reprocessed to feed livestock; and to manufacture soap, makeup, rubber and detergents,” Losik said.

There is no cost for the township to start implementing the Pilot Cooking Oil Program. The county will provide the necessary supplies, according to Losik.

“A container would be provided as requested by a resident. Residents can also bring oil in their own container to be transferred to the vendors’ collection container,” Losik said.

The council approved the resolution for the program on Jan. 9 at the year’s first council meeting. Currently, the township does not have a set time for when it will start implementing the program, according to Losik.

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