Dress-down day supports veterans

On Sept. 11, 16 years ago, my life changed forever. I watched in horror from my New York City home as my great city was attacked by ruthless terrorists. I vowed that day that I would fight against these terrorists to ensure that my country never experiences such pain again. I signed up to join the Marines the next day and served three tours of duty, fighting alongside thousands of selfless and brave men and women who volunteered to put their lives at risk to protect this great nation.

Now, after so many years of war, many of our service members are coming home and facing tremendous challenges, which include unemployment, homelessness, lack of adequate health care, and an inability to get the benefits they earned from their time in service. These men and women need the support of the civilian community to ensure that they can get back on their feet.

This Veterans Day, have your company and coworkers show how much they support our brave military men and women by registering for our Jeans for Troops dress down day, which will be held nationwide on Nov. 8. This simple, employee-driven dress down day goes to benefit GI Go Fund, a great organization that I am proud to call myself a member of, which assists military veterans with all of their issues when they come home.

We need your support to continue assisting our military veterans, and a small $5 donation goes a long way.

If you have any questions, call 866-389-GIGo (4446).

Sgt. Joseph Pace

U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran
Board of Directors,
The GI Go Fund