Novak, Kilpatrick will solve affordable housing issue in Sayreville


One of the biggest problems facing Sayreville is the plan to build 5,000 apartments to meet our mandated affordable housing obligation. This will mean more traffic, more kids in schools and more taxes.

While the mayor and others have defended this plan, Councilwomen Mary Novak and Vicki Kilpatrick have been working very hard to come up with better alternatives, even though roadblocks have been thrown their way. The idea is to use open space money to preserve some of this property makes sense, and senior housing and housing for veterans also seems like an excellent option.

All someone has to do is drive Washington Road, Main Street or Ernston Road to see that the town cannot support 5,000 more apartments. Others need to get behind Mary Novak and Vicki Kilpatrick in fighting this terrible campaign.

Mindy Schifman