Middletown residents may sign up for ‘no knock’ registry

MIDDLETOWN – Without any comment from residents, the Middletown Township Committee has voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance that will implement a no knock registry.

Public Information Officer Tara Berson said the idea of creating the registry was brought to the committee’s attention when residents asked officials to take action that would preclude unknown individuals from knocking on the door of their home.

According to the ordinance that was before the governing body on March 19, Middletown requires individuals who want to go door to door to sell goods or services to residents and business operators to obtain a municipal license. Prior to the creation of the no knock registry, residents had no means of preventing unwanted solicitation.

The no knock law will prohibit solicitors from approaching a home with the intention to promote outside causes or to make sales if the occupant’s name appears on the no knock registry. Solicitors will be provided with the addresses of residents who do not want to be disturbed.

According to the ordinance, the township clerk will maintain a database of residents who wish to be included on the no knock list. In that case, canvassing, soliciting, peddling, vending and door-to-door sales will be prohibited at those homes.

Residents who want to be placed on the no knock registry will be able to register at the municipal building or online. An annual fee of $25 will be charged for inclusion on the list. Residents will be issued a sticker to place on their home, which will make clear their desire not to be disturbed, according to the ordinance.

A solicitor who knowingly disregards or violates the no knock law will be banned from receiving a license for at least one calendar year from the date of violation and will be subject to other penalties, according to the ordinance.