Jackson council amends noise code to exempt golf courses

JACKSON – The Township Council has adopted an ordinance that amends a chapter of the municipal code to exempt golf courses on issues relating to noise.

The amendment states that “any private or public golf course operating within the township shall be permitted to begin operations at 6 a.m. any weekday or weekend.”

Previously, there was no specific section for golf courses. The amendment adds an exemption, allowing golf course operations to begin at 6 a.m. any weekday or weekend. The previous start time for golf course operations was 7 a.m.

Council Vice President Barry Calogero, Councilman Ken Bressi, Councilman Alexander Sauickie and Councilman Andrew Kern voted to adopt the ordinance during the governing body’s Feb. 26 meeting.

Council President Robert Nixon abstained, saying, “I am a member of a golf club club here in Jackson, so I am going to abstain on this after discussing it with counsel.”

Following the meeting, Bressi elaborated on the council members’ decision to establish the 6 a.m. start time.

“The golf course (operators) were kind of concerned they really could not get an early start. That is why we only (changed) the golf courses, to aid them to get started so they can have the courses ready for their patrons,” Bressi said.

He said the change makes sense since a golf course is a special type of entity. Bressi said council members do not believe the 6 a.m. start time will negatively impact any residents who live near a golf course.

“(It was in) the best interest of businesses and the pleasure of the public to have the place ready, all we changed was the time. We did not change any other regulations as far as whatever they have to follow as set by the state Department of Environmental Protection. Only the (start) time,” Bressi said.

In other business, the council introduced four ordinances that will be considered for adoption at a future meeting.

The first ordinance would amend a previous bond ordinance to decrease the amount of bonds and notes to be issued. The sum of $1.625 million was appropriated by the original ordinance and included an $81,250 down payment. A decrease of $81,250 in negotiable bonds would be authorized by the amendment, for a total of $1,543,750 to be appropriated, with a down payment of $81,250.

The second ordinance would amend recreation fees, increasing volleyball registration from $75 to $100; wrestling registration from $50 to $90; the Jackson Day booth fee from $5 to $250; and the Jackson Day 5K run/fun run fee from $8 to $20. The ordinance also includes increases to other events and activities.

The third ordinance would amend land use and development regulations in response to amendments to the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan. The fourth ordinance would amend a chapter of the land use and development regulations in regard to backup and emergency generators.