Red Bank zoners approve new building with 10 residential units

RED BANK – Members of the Red Bank Zoning Board of Adjustment have unanimously approved an application that proposed the construction of a multifamily building containing 10 residential units on a vacant lot near Boat Club Court and Union Street.

During a meeting on April 18, board members Richard Angowski, Eileen Hogan, Anne Torre, Raymond Mass, Stephanie Albanese, Sharon Lee and Sean Murphy voted “yes” on a motion to approve the development plan and several variances.

The applicant, Denholtz Associates, was seeking preliminary and final site plan approval, as well as use variances, to construct a building that will consist of 10 two-bedroom units and related site improvements.

During the hearing, attorney John A. Giunco asked to Andrew Janiw, a professional planner at Beacon Planning and Consulting Services, to describe the application.

Janiw said that 26 parking spaces for residents of the building would be provided on the ground level beneath the residential units. He said the building would not have commercial space on the first floor and would require a use variance to eliminate the commercial use.

According to a legal notice that was published in advance of the hearing, the applicant was seeking variance relief that included permitting dwelling units above a parking lot and a building height of 41 feet (four stories), where the maximum permitted building height is 40 feet.

Murphy said he was concerned with the absence of sidewalks near Boat Club Court and Union Street, which is near the property that was targeted for the residential development.

Borough Engineer Edward Herman said, “In my conversations with municipal officials, there was concern about having sidewalks at Boat Club Court … There are liability concerns about putting a sidewalk on such a steep road.”

Following a lengthy discussion between the applicant’s representatives and the board members, the applicant agreed to construct a continuous sidewalk along Union Street to Wharf Avenue near West Front Street.

“We are going to gain enough sidewalk that is needed and will help residents and parking for guests. The (sidewalk) will help in general for Red Bank. Would I like another sidewalk on (Boat Club Court)? I would. But I am understanding of the expenses and the liabilities involved,” Murphy said.

Giunco said Denholtz Associates intends to pave and curb an alley that leads to the building; provide appropriate traffic signs; propose five or eight public parking spaces; and construct a private stairway with at least one landing from the project to Union Street.

“The (new) sidewalk would provide an effective means for someone in the public to avoid having to go down (steep) Boat Club Court,” Giunco said.