East Brunswick’s The Clothing Center is holding a moving sale


EAST BRUNSWICK–Providing the community with quality men’s formalwear and casualwear for more than 40 years, The Clothing Center will move to a new location this summer.

Originally, the store was located in the old Robert Hall building on Route 18, when the store first opened in 1978. The store relocated in 1986 to its present location, and will move once again this summer.

After doing demolition work, owner Steve Worby said they created the store that residents see today, which is 16,400 square feet. It is located on the side of the old Kmart Plaza building at 645 Route 18.

The Clothing Center sells suits, sport coats, slacks, casual attire and formalwear for men and boys.

“It is part of our DNA – everything we do is based on absolute customer satisfaction, something that is hard to find today. This store and its values are old school. Amongst our staff, there are well over 250 years of men’s and boys’ retail clothing knowledge. Our goal is to give each and every one of our customers a great shopping experience,” Worby said.

After 33 years at its current location, Worby said the store will move further up on the side of the former Kmart Plaza building, keeping the store’s current address.

“The building was purchased about one-and-a-half years ago. The new owner has major renovation plans to turn the site into the nicest building on Route 18. The entire building has been reconfigured and designed to bring a much needed fresh and updated look to the highway,” he said.

The purchase of the building brought about a major decision for Worby, who said he was faced with choosing to close the doors of The Clothing Center or moving to the new location. He credits one of his managers, Vlad Savin, in helping him make that decision.

“Vlad has become an incredible addition to my business. I see the passion in him that I have in myself for this store. I am constantly receiving praises from all who work with Vlad. I am very proud to have made the decision for Vlad to carry on this legacy here at The Clothing Center,” Worby said.

Preparing to move into the new store, Savin said he has “overall excitement and not just for myself but for everyone. The store being here for 33 years is a testament that we are doing something right here, but at the same time it’s nice to put a fresh coat of paint on it basically where we update the store and it looks nice and pretty now and honestly we just want to do more of the same in terms of helping people out when it comes to last-minute shopping.”

Savin said there are a lot of young men who come into the store who don’t know how to dress or even how to wear a suit.

“It’s always nice when you can teach them something and then you see them come back and, I want to say, a better person for it, or at least a more knowledgeable person for it and more prepared for what life has to throw at them,” Savin said.

Worby said the new location will have windows and will be 6,000 square feet, which is smaller compared to its current store. This is the main reason for the moving sale, which will continue for the next few months.

“We are moving to a smaller location. Unfortunately we cannot take all our merchandise with us. We are offering our customers up to 60% off any inventory not making the move.  We look forward to servicing the community now and well in to the future,” Worby said.