American Revolution authors to appear on June 23 in Lawrence

American history buffs are likely familiar with local authors Larry Kidder and David Price, both of whom have written extensively about the American Revolutionary War, but they have probably never met the two men.

They will get a chance to meet the authors when Kidder and Price appear at a special publication party, set for June 23 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the historic Brearley House at the end of Meadow Road, off Princeton Pike, in Lawrence Township.

The event, which is being sponsored by the Lawrence Historical Society, is a fundraiser for the society. The Lawrence Historical Society offers free tours of the Brearley House, which was built in 1761, on the third Sunday of the month from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“The publication party is an opportunity for anyone who is interested in the history of the Revolutionary War to spend a lovely afternoon at the Brearley House and meet two authors,” said Lawrence Historical Society member William Agress.

Kidder, who has just published his sixth book – “Ten Crucial Days: Washington’s  Vision for Victory Unfolds” – and Price, who has just published his latest book – “The Road to Assunpink Creek” – will speak about their books.

Kidder lives in Ewing Township and taught history at The Hun School in Princeton for more than 30 years. He also volunteers at the Howell Living Farm, operated by Mercer County in Hopewell Township.

Price, who lives in Lawrence Township, is a retired state worker who now volunteers as an historical interpreter at Washington Crossing State Park on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River.

Kidder’s book – “Ten Crucial Days” – walks the reader through the thought process employed by Gen. George Washington as he tried to gain the lost momentum of the Revolutionary War being fought against King George III.

“Ten Crucial Days” also corrects the record on how Washington exploited his enemy’s pride by leading his band of soldiers in daring maneuvers that humiliated one of the best trained armies in the world during the first Battle of Trenton, the second Battle of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton.

“The Road to Assunpink Creek” is Price’s second book. It focuses on the second Battle of Trenton on Jan. 2, 1777, which he contends is an often underappreciated event. It was the second of three battles against the British that occurred within a 10-day time span – “the ten crucial days” –  and that collectively saved the revolution.

Tickets to the publication party are $50 for Lawrence Historical Society members, and $60 for non-members. It includes a signed hardback copy of the books. For those who bring their own copy of the books, the ticket price is $25.

Tickets are available online or by mail, and also at the door. For additional information, including how to purchase a ticket, visit the Lawrence Historical Society’s website at