Lawrence officials approve bond ordinance

Lawrence Township Council has approved a $1.1 million bond ordinance to pay for the purchase of assorted equipment for the Lawrence Township Emergency Medical Service and for the volunteer fire companies.

The bond ordinance earmarks $110,000 to buy a new ambulance, vehicle stabilization tools for use in automobile crashes, and assorted emergency medical services equipment.

The bond ordinance sets aside $32,500 to buy portable radios for the Lawrence Road Fire Company, and portable radios and pagers for the Lawrenceville Fire Company.

Also, there is money in the bond ordinance to pay for building repairs and renovations to the firehouses for the Slackwood Fire Company, the Lawrence Road Fire Company and the Lawrenceville Fire Company. All three are volunteer fire companies.

The bond ordinance also includes $461,500 too buy two mini-dump trucks with snow removal equipment, a Ford F-150 pickup truck, a large width park mower with attachments – all for the Department of Public Works – and guest chairs for the main room at the Lawrence Senior Center on Darrah Lane.

And there is $29,500 in the bond ordinance to pay for new playground equipment at the Hamnett Park playground on Ohio Avenue and for the Eldridge Park playground on Tulane Avenue.