Freeholders’ proposed resolution was misguided

On June 26, I attended the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders meeting. I was gratified to see so many different segments of the community turn out to protest the misguided resolution “Opposition to Sanctuary State.”

New Jersey is not a sanctuary state. New Jersey approved the Immigrant Trust Initiative only to improve relations between local law enforcement and the immigrant community.

For two hours, I heard all the reasons why this resolution was without merit. Did the board?

The resolution cites the possible harm to the “health, safety and welfare” of its citizens. Really? Undocumented immigrants have the lowest rates of crime. Monmouth county has one of the lowest rates of crime in our state.

The resolution also said it jeopardized “receipt of meaningful federal funding” and yet undocumented workers contribute over $25 million in taxes to Monmouth County alone. The families who come to escape poverty and violence are here to contribute and live peacefully in our society.

The freeholders, Thomas Arnone, Lillian Burry, Patrick Impreveduto, Gerry Scharfenberger and Susan Kiley, should each be held responsible for their votes on this resolution.

The county attorney, Michael Fitzgerald, elected to fall on his sword for the board by suggesting they could table the resolution so it could be “reworded.”

No amount of rewording can change the intent of the resolution, which only fosters fear and division. You can’t “reword” hate.

Republican freeholders have held office for over 30 years. This mean spirited resolution should be a wake-up call that they have been here too long. Call the Monmouth County freeholders and let them know hate has no place here.

Kate Vallee
Freehold Township