Aberdeen appoints interim township manager

The Aberdeen Township Council has passed a resolution appointing Dan Mason as the interim Aberdeen Township Manager.

Mason assumed the position following the retirement of Township Manager Holly Reycraft on July 1.

Mason, who is President of Jersey Professional Management (JPM), has more than 35 years of experience in New Jersey municipal government.

Since founding the JPM firm in 1988, Mason has served as temporary manager or administrator in 17 New Jersey towns for periods ranging from three to six months, according to township officials.

Prior to forming JPM, Mason served as Borough Administrator of Highland Park in Middlesex County; Municipal Manager of Deptford in Gloucester County; and Borough Clerk, Deputy Borough Administrator and Project Director for the Borough of Fanwood in Union County.

The Cranford resident is a former Executive Board Member and Membership Committee Chairman for the New Jersey Municipal Management Association, according to officials.

He is currently the Local Government Specialist and State Coordinator of Shared Services for the New Jersey Conference of Mayors.

He has also served as a panelist at League of Municipalities conferences, as well as a lecturer and author on municipal management, according to officials.

“The retirement of Holly Reycraft as Township Manager leaves an important void,” Mayor Fred Tagliarini said. “In an effort to maintain continuity while we search for a full-time manager, we reached out to Jersey Professional Management and were thrilled that the firm’s president, Dan Mason, was available to serve here on an interim basis.

“We have the utmost confidence in JPM based on a long relationship that began with their recruitment of our long-time Township Clerk and continued a few years ago with the placement of a highly accomplished Interim Public Works Director,” he said.

Councilman Greg Cannon said, “During the next few months, we will actively search for a new Township Manager. With an experienced professional like Dan Mason at the helm, we expect business as usual. He will continue to deliver the kind of services that our residents expect and assure that quality of life is ‘Job 1.”