State officials warn residents against contact with Rosedale Lake

Rosedale Park
Rosedale Park

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is advising area residents to avoid Rosedale Lake water due to an extensive Harmful Algal Bloom.

This week state officials confirmed this bloom with laboratory analysis.

The rapid spread of the bloom may be the result of heavy rainfall carrying nutrient-laden stormwater into the lake, followed by periods of warm weather, according to officials.

Rosedale Lake is located at Rosedale Park in Pennington.

The DEP will monitor cyanobacteria levels until the lake is determined to be safe for recreational contact.

State officials explained that the recreational advisory may be in place for weeks, if not longer. That it may possibly be in effect into the fall.

Exposure to the bloom can cause a range of health effects, including rashes, allergy-like reactions, flu-like symptoms, gastroenteritis, respiratory irritation, skin rashes and eye irritation, according to officials.

Recreational exposure can occur while fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. DEP officials are asking the public to avoid these activities and all contact with water from Rosedale Lake until further notice.

Residents and guests are also advised not to eat the fish caught in the lake or allow pets to come in contact with lake water or drink the water.

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