Edison emergency officials believe adventuresome kitty freed itself after 36 hours trapped in a storm drain



EDISON – An adventuresome kitty caused 36 hours of “worry and frustration” for Edison firefighters, animal control officers and police after it was believed to be “trapped” in a storm drain off Route 27 between Costco and the Walmart Tire Center, according to Deputy Fire Chief Andy Toth.

Several people called 911 at 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 17 after hearing a cat’s loud “meows” coming from a storm drain, which carries rainwater runoff. They are not part of the municipal sewer system, which handles human wastewater.

Firefighters and animal control – who were physically unable to coax, reach or clearly see the cat inside the drain – spent hours trying to lure it to safety, Toth said.

“We put cat food and fresh water down there for the cat. But, we could not keep firefighters on the scene all night,” Toth said. “More rescue attempts were made Sunday without success. We could hear the cat, so we knew it was doing OK.”

When township road crews arrived with equipment on Aug. 19, the cat was gone, officials said.

“It safely found its way out a drainpipe opening into a nearby retention pond behind Costco and Walgreens,” Toth said. “We believe that’s how this cat initially got into the storm drain.”