Sayreville appoints new supervisor of elementary special education

SAYREVILLE – A new supervisor of elementary special education has been named in the Sayreville School District.

On Aug. 27, the Board of Education approved the transfer of Kathyrn Schlaline from school social worker to supervisor of elementary special education. Her transfer became effective on Sept. 1 and she will hold the position until the conclusion of the 2019-20 school year, on June 30, 2020, after which she may be reappointed by the board.

According to district administrators, Schlaline will receive a prorated salary of $103,625, which is comprised of a $101,125 base salary and a $1,500 longevity bonus. She will succeed Audrey Burns, who was transferred from supervisor of elementary special education to the new position of director of early childhood in July.

Superintendent of Schools Richard Labbe said that Schlaline is a graduate of Sayreville War Memorial High School and a longtime employee of the district.

“Since I’ve been here in district, I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with Ms. Schlaline,” Labbe said. “She is the consummate professional. I happen to love being a director because I get to work with child study team members and they don’t come better than Ms. Schlaline. She was a fierce advocate for her students and she is incredibly proficient with New Jersey administrative code with regard to special education.

“But more importantly, she’s an incredibly competent social worker and educator,” he continued. “She knows what our students with disabilities need in accordance with their individualized education programs. And she knows how to work very closely with their certificated staff and non-certificated staff, including our building administrators to ensure that all of our children that are in her caseload get a free and most appropriate education as possible.

“My opportunity to spend time with her, to work with her, impressed me incredibly. Most importantly, she’s an amazing person – one of the kindest, most caring people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with here. I think she’s going to step into this role running. I think she’s going to work on [Director of Special Services David] Knaster’s team with [Supervisor of Secondary Special Education Cynthia] Defina and Ms. Burns and I think they’re going to take our program from where it is now to heights that even I couldn’t have imagined that they would rise to. That’s how impactful I believe her appointment is going to be this evening.”

Board President Kevin Ciak said, “In addition to everything that Dr. Labbe said, what was clear is that you [Schlaline] have a passion for students with special needs. I know that’s going to serve you well in your new role.”