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The State We’re In 6/28: Great news for New Jersey’s streams and rivers

By Michele S. Byers Placed end to end, the New Jersey rivers and streams proposed for higher environmental protections would stretch from High Point to...

Solutions 6/28: The accelerating change around us

By Huck Fairman If some of what follows is familiar, it is because recognized trends and programs are continuing only at an accelerating pace. This applies...

Letter to the Editor: Is Hopewell Township for sale?

To the Editor, On Monday evening, June 24, more than 150 Hopewell Township residents descended upon the municipal building to remind our government that Hopewell...

Continued commitment needed in fight against Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States for which there is no cure nor a definitive way to...

The State We’re In 6/21: UN report sounds alarm on nature’s decline

By Michele S. Byers Would you care if northeastern beach tiger beetles and arogos skipper butterflies disappeared? How about blue-spotted salamanders and southern gray tree frogs,...

Solutions 6/21: Preserving natural resources and fighting climate change

By Huck Fairman What can and what should a community do to help save life as we know it locally and around the world? The threats...

Letter to the Editor: How to pay for a wish list by Hopewell Township

To the Editor: Chapter One – Find somebody else to pay for it. So learned the members of the Washington Crossing Water Utility about the township’s...

The State We’re In 6/14: Renewable energy: less pollution, more jobs, lower costs

By: Michele S. Byers While Washington turns its back on climate change, New Jersey is busy reclaiming its national leadership role on clean energy. One year...

The State We’re In 6/7: Restoring the ‘Kidneys of the Pine Barrens’

By Michele S. Byers To early European settlers, the native evergreen trees known as Atlantic white cedars must have seemed like a gift. The towering cedars...

Health Matters 6/7: When a thyroid nodule is thyroid cancer

By Tomer Davidov, M.D. Thyroid nodules, or abnormal growths on the thyroid gland, are a common condition, especially among older adults and women. While most nodules...

Solutions 6/7: Divesting habits and investments

By Huck Fairman Fierce thunder storms pounded Princeton. Across the country hundreds of tornados battered Texas, Oklahoma, and most mid-western states, and on to Pennsylvania and...

Letter to the Editor: Most secretive township majority ever

To the Editor: Here we go again. On Monday, June 3, at the regular Hopewell Township Committee meeting, Mayor McLaughlin and her majority of Democrats once...

The State We’re In 5/31: Camden, nature, and Walt Whitman

By: Michele S. Byers “A foot and light-hearted I take to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me, The long brown path before me leading...

Letter to the Editor: Mayor McLaughlin has excuses for her 4.68% tax increase

To the Editor: It has come to my attention that, after attending the 2019 Hopewell Township Budget Presentation and reading the letter to the editor...

Letter to the Editor: The Hopewell Township Budget

To the Editor: I confess, I am a retired senior citizen, and I do not like to see my property taxes go up. God knows...

Letter to the Editor: Mayor McLaughlin and her municipal tax increase of 4.68%

To the Editor: Once upon a time, Hopewell Township Mayor Kristin McLaughlin and her majority of Democrats promised to keep Hopewell Township “affordable.”  Those promises...

Letter to the Editor: Higher budgets, more excuses

To the Editor: When Hopewell Township Mayor McLaughlin criticized the school board for its nearly 5% budget increase, you might have assumed that the township's...

Solutions 5/24: Triumph Brewery serves up Princeton’s Climate Action Plan

By Huck Fairman For those thirsty for knowledge in the Sciences, Triumph Brewery served up another evening of information about our physical world, as part...
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