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Loose Ends 8/30: Learn more about local government

By Pam Hersh Although I expect to receive failing grades as a cook, last week I was shocked that I failed at another “C” activity...

Health Matters 8/30: Undiagnosed physical complaints may be linked to emotional trauma 

By Susanne Steinberg, M.D.  In many cases, the scars of past trauma extend beyond emotional pain and physical injury, manifesting as distinct physical symptoms or...

Loose Ends 8/23: The Spirit of Princeton will always live on through the mission...

By Pam Hersh Some called them Princeton’s odd couple. But their mismatched personalities and backgrounds were a perfect match for Princeton, because the two of them...

The importance of physical activity in children’s health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), physical and mental health play important roles in helping a child growing through life. CDC...

Health Matters 8/16: Healthy mom, healthy baby: ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy

By Christopher A. Naraine, M.D. Of the more than 3.7 million babies delivered in the United States last year, the vast majority were born healthy...

Loose Ends 8/16: Seeing Eye dogs provide more than sight for people

By Pam Hersh On a Tuesday afternoon several months ago, Princeton resident Ira Fuchs scheduled an emergency computer video conference after dinner with his three...

Loose Ends 8/9: The use of a common goal brings two groups together

By Pam Hersh I played matchmaker this past week by introducing two institutions - both the same age and both driven by their commitment to...

Health Matters 8/9: Bariatric surgery for weight loss 

By Wai-Yip Chau, M.D.  Obesity is a chronic, progressive disease affecting millions of Americans and increasing the risk for serious health complications, such as diabetes...

Loose Ends 8/2: Louise Grafton lives on through the spirit of creativeness

By Pam Hersh While sitting through the magical and innovative Princeton Summer Theater (PST) production of Shakespeare’s "A Midsummer Night’s Dream," I kept smiling –...

Health Matters 7/26: Emotional eating in adolescents

By Katie Gaffney, R.D. Intense emotional experiences and stressful events affect everyone differently, including adolescents who are especially vulnerable to the ups and downs that...

Loose Ends 7/26: Shea butter provides more than just skin care

By Pam Hersh While my grandkids last weekend were learning about Africa by watching "The Lion King," I was learning about Africa by listening to...

Health Matters 7/19: Managing diabetes for a happier, healthier you

By Sandra Byer-Lubin, R.D. An estimated 30.3 million Americans have diabetes, a chronic condition where your body does not produce enough insulin or does not...

Loose Ends 7/19: Andrena’s public interest service has Princeton buzzing

By Pam Hersh Has anyone noticed the change in the air quality of Princeton? You can’t smell it, see it or hear it. But you can...

Health Matters 7/12: Abdominal Pain: What Could It Be?

By Tomer Davidov, M.D. Whether from eating a big meal or catching a stomach bug, almost everyone experiences some sort of abdominal pain every now...

Loose Ends 7/12: Watson aims to preserve lands throughout the Garden State

By Pam Hersh John S. Watson Jr., a.k.a. Jay, grew up in an environment that featured the hallways and offices of New Jersey’s government buildings. For...

Loose Ends 7/5: Local Princeton author spies another bestseller

By: Pam Hersh Princeton’s playgrounds are treasure troves for all sorts of adventures, according to hundreds of kids - and one particular Princeton grownup. John Altman,...

Health Matters 7/5: Radiation therapy to treat cancer becoming more precise

By: Joseph M. Pepek, M.D. Radiation therapy is a common approach to treating many different types of cancer and has become increasingly precise as technology...

Loose Ends 6/28: Princeton Media Club still encourages in-person socialization

By Pam Hersh I had a back-to-the-future epiphany on Friday, June 14. Non-screen contact (NSC) with humans – the phenomenon that occurs when you make...
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