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Engineer: No traffic issues expected at proposed development

The proposed construction of 30 single-family homes on a portion of a 90.6-acre lot on Herrontown Road at Bunn Drive, proposed by the Lanwin...

EMT’s honored by Princeton officials

When there is a medical emergency, every second counts - and Princeton residents have learned that they can rely on the Princeton First Aid...

United States Census Bureau seeks workers for 2020 Census

The United States Census Bureau is seeking applicants for jobs for the 2020 Census. For information on how to apply, visit 2020census.gov/jobs or call 1-855-JOB-2020.

Princeton is set for annual Flag Day celebration on June 14

Each year in Princeton, a town-wide celebration is organized by the Spirit of Princeton to honor the nation’s flag during National Flag Day in...

Princeton Montessori School students educated on the life of chickens

Students at the Princeton Montessori School learned about the lifecycle of an embryo through a unique hands-on experience with chicken eggs. From the month of...

Princeton becomes a new home for Vaseful Flower and Gifts

After more than two years of renovations, a second Vaseful Flower and Gifts shop has opened up for business to local residents. This new shop...

American Revolution authors to appear on June 23 in Lawrence

American history buffs are likely familiar with local authors Larry Kidder and David Price, both of whom have written extensively about the American Revolutionary...

The State We’re In 6/7: Restoring the ‘Kidneys of the Pine Barrens’

By Michele S. Byers To early European settlers, the native evergreen trees known as Atlantic white cedars must have seemed like a gift. The towering cedars...

Health Matters 6/7: When a thyroid nodule is thyroid cancer

By Tomer Davidov, M.D. Thyroid nodules, or abnormal growths on the thyroid gland, are a common condition, especially among older adults and women. While most nodules...

Solutions 6/7: Divesting habits and investments

By Huck Fairman Fierce thunder storms pounded Princeton. Across the country hundreds of tornados battered Texas, Oklahoma, and most mid-western states, and on to Pennsylvania and...
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